Thursday, July 1, 2010

Polyester Princess

The following dresses are listed on eBay with an opening bid of 99 cents.
These vintage dresses were all seamstress made in the 70's-early 80's.

A shimmery, mauve, polyester dress with fluttery, split butterfly sleeves.
Size is medium to large (Some dresses I can wear medium, some large and this one fits me nicely.)
This dress will make you feel like a Greek goddess from 1980. All you'll need are roller skates and leg warmers.

 CUTE Tennis Dress
1970's Tennis-style, yellow-orange dress.
Measurement across chest from seam to seam was 18 inches. My mannequin has a 34" bust, but polyester is nice and stretchy so this fit my 38" bust without lookin' like I was pullin' the seams so it should look good anywhere within that range.
Super cute as a mini-dress. Would also look adorable with white capri pants or skinny jeans. The thing I love about polyester is its ability to maintain its streamline and crisp shape with minimal need for ironing.

Bohemian Lolita Dress
eBay Listing
My guess on the year is late 70's, possibly early 80's. The style is very 1970's bohemian with its polyester fabric, but the shiny peach ribbon says 1980. But who cares? It's got a great hippy OR Lolita look.
I'm guessing the size to be a medium.
This dress does need to be washed before wear. It had some spots that came right out when I rubbed pre-treater on it. I don't dare put it in my mom's washing machine though because the machine has a bad habit of creating stains that weren't there before. I just don't want to chance it with this adorable dress.

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